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Response to Ed

Posted by: The Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight@aol.com1285) on Thu Jun 8 09:06:52 2000

I have applied some of your theories to my softball swing and I have to say that it is costing me dearly. I practice at a field that is 310' with about 75-100' of clearing then there is deep forest. Recently, I have been hitting alot of balls that are coming to rest in the forest, which lies my problem. I can't go and retrieve the balls because I am terribly allergic to poison ivy.(It is all over in there.) So I'm out $4 each time one goes in there. I figure I've lost $200+ dollars because of the extra 50' I'm getting on my hits.

Dear Ed,
Recently I have printed out Mankin's material, and placed them in theories, which is divided into many hitting "schools," many of which are rotation. After much self-reflection, an interesting observation was made: progression can only be facilitated through tediously studying a particular's school literature, and emulating the recommended theory. Perhaps my slump will be over sooner than I thought!

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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