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Re: tee practice routine

Posted by: above&beyond (call.eagle@yahoo.com) on Mon Oct 15 18:22:44 2007

> Can anyone please help me with a problem im having dealing with a schedule and way to improve my hitting through the use of tee work? Right now all i do is work on trying to hit line drives into the batting net off the tee. Does anyone have any way i can surely improve my hitting by just using a tee if so and if you have a tee practice schedule please let me know thank you very much

Take another tee and place it 5 ft in front of the tee you hit off of. Place it close to the 3rd or 1st baseline or anywhere in between. Adjust the height to an easy height at first, but when you get good at this, adjust the height of the second tee to difficult heights. Now hit the the ball and knock the ball off of the tee out in front. This is a difficult game at first. When you get good at it, start increasing the distance between tees. When you try this game you will understand why it will improve you bat control skills.

If you don't have a second tee, try using spots on something to hit the ball at. Don't hit a hard ball into hard surfaces like brick and metal, or you will knock yourself out.


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