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Re: Back foot...

Posted by: above&beyond (call.eagle@yahoo.com) on Mon Oct 15 18:42:19 2007

> Hello,
> First off, I'd like to say that this site has helped me IMMENSELY with getting my swing back into it's natural rhythm. I recently got into softball after graduating high school 2 years ago. My main point of concern right now is the fact that when I'm swinging, my back foot is not staying planted. Rather, it's coming off the ground. I've been told that it throws off balance along with rendering myself unable to fully take advantage of the energy my lower body has to offer.I'd like to know if there is a solid solution to this problem.
> Thanks in advance for any tips I might get, and a big thanks to all associated with this site's upkeep.

Just don't extend your back leg as much when you rotate your hips. You are extending the back leg which pushes your weight too far forward which brings your back leg off of the ground. Another thing is that you might be bending your back leg just a little immediately after your legs rotate. That would bring your foot up.

I will go 'round about and explain. I like to catch any ball with both feet in the air. I know that if I'm in the air my eyes will not be bouncing which gives me sure tracking of the ball. So, may be if your leg rotation is quick enough and has the back foot in the air, you could be benefiting from the steadiness of your eyes. Remember to check and see if the foot comes off of the ground after contact or before. If after, then why does it matter?


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