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Re: People critizing my closed stance

Posted by: above&beyond (call.eagle@yahoo.com) on Mon Oct 15 18:55:53 2007

> Im Sam and am in 9th grade. For years now, i have used a closed stance at the plate. I have always seen and hit the ball good to all fields. During fall ball this year around the second or third game, one of the fathers on the team, who i did not know, came up to me and started to critize my closed stance. He said i get jammed much easier, cant hit the inside pitch, and how many major leaguers have a closed stance. I told him id been hitting like this for years and it had alaways worked. And that Edgar Renteria hit over 330 this year. The guy hasnt said anything again, but is always giving me these looks. Should i just mind my own business, or tell the coah or something

Take people words for what they are worth. If his advice helps you hit better, then use it. If it doesn't, just mind your business. Or if you are unsure ask a few different coaches about his advice. I know what he is talking about, but it might not be the right thing for you. Check around.


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