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closed stance is preventing me from fully turning on the ball

Posted by: incrediblyeffortless (JOSE600@msn.com) on Fri Jun 9 22:54:32 2000

I am a young hitter, a student of hitting you could say. Anyways, I'm looking for possible reasons that I am having trouble turning on the ball with a closed stance. I am right-handed, and anytime it seem that I really see to light a ball up, it goes to right field. This wouldn't be a big issue if I weren't having trouble pulling the ball, which I am. The reason for closing my stance was too avoid pulling the ball so often, but while my goal has been achieved it has opened a new dilemma. Should my approach at the plate differ? Or mechanically do I change something? Or do I simply alter the positioning of my feet to a normal stance? Answers are appreciated. Thank you very much....Muchas Gracias


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