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Posted by: Jack Mankin & BatSpeed.com (MrBatSpeed@aol.com) on Sat Jun 10 23:49:10 2000

So many of you have been asking for it and now the INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO and SWING REVIEW ANALYSIS tapes are available. We apologize that it took so long, but the filming, editing, secure online ordering, etc. took much longer than anticipated.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: Jack Mankin and his bat will be with you for a full hour. The tape is packed with Baseball and Softball knowledge explaining the mechanics you need to become a great hitter, along with drills for you to work with so that you can learn to apply rotational mechanics and torque - just like the great hitters today.

SWING REVIEW ANALYSIS: Jack has analyzed thousands of professional baseball swings, and from this experience he can tell exactly whether or not a baseball or softball hitter is using the mechanics that the great hitters use. Now you have a chance for Jack to analyze YOUR swing in frame by frame video speed. Jack will put your VHS video tape on another tape and tell you if you are initiating the bat correctly and if you are using mechanics that will allow you to hit for power and average. Be prepared, he will also tell you when your swing mechanics are not correct. But don't worry, when Jack is finished analyzing your swing, he will put specific drills and instruction on your tape for the type of mechanics that you exhibited. (The video will not teach your how to learn rotational mechanics and apply torque, you will need the instructional video for that).

PACKAGE: The best of both worlds. Here you can learn the mechanics from the Instuctional Video and determine if you are using good mechanics with Swing Review Analysis.

If this sounds interesting to you, then take a look at the Video Page. Thanks for your interest and we hope this helps you become a better hitter.

If you have any questions, please contact Jack at Mrbatspeed@aol.com

Jack Mankin


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