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Re: Jack's Top Hand Torque

Posted by: james (jhool2@aol.com) on Mon Jun 12 15:44:43 2000

Greetings Jack and all,
> In soft-toss practice, I imitated the elastic pull of the top hand into the launch position, slightly before pulling the bottom hand towards the catcher, which was really a motion of compensition to ensure my lead shoulder would pull my hands. Personally, I was quite astonished how rapidly the ball shot from one shoulder to another. This, perhaps, was the type of swing that allowed a shortstop that played on my brother's team who stood at 5 feet 5 inches--and weighing a scrappy 140 pounds--to hit the ball 410 to 425 feet on a high, trajectory arc. He did not appear to have to an overpowering hip movement, yet more than made up for that defiency with a tremendous amount of top hand torque.

: sory for reposting.....just wanted to add my name, and email. the above post was mine. Jim
> Jack's site is clearly aimed on defining a hand path that conteracts mythology that flourishes in genetics, psychology, and, unfortunately, infiltrates the roots of baseball history, and blossoms. Nevertheless, such a site has a valid subtext: do not give in, and reluctantly resign to Social Darwinist theories (e.g., survival of the fittest, adaption of the naturally select), and allow such philosophies to counteract personal goals.
> As a result of the impression this swing left on me, I will head for fields, and discover whether or not they work equally well in an environment where fences are posted--the ones I hope to clear again, this time, with far more consistency.
> Sincerely,
> The Black Hole Lexicographer
> Knight1285@aol.com

: There you go black hole.....thats a good atitutde. I also have my good days and my bad days. Just recently i had this problem with my hand torque and the timing of my swing. I would also take this time to withdraw a statement i previously made where i said "that hand torque and rotation happen at the same time" O was wrong, it was a case where i thought i knew what was going on in the swing. I now know after much frustration over the past four days that hand torque happens prior to rotation, otherwise the bat is only minimally accelerated and i hit every ball to my pull side, with top spin. Really poor. But heres my approach: at the SAME TIME i begin my stride, i pull my top hand back hard as my bottom hand acts as a pivot then i get this feeling like if i pull anymore i will totally miss the ball as i rotate. So thats my cue to start my rotation. My rotation accelerates the hands and the angularly dispalced bat very smoothely and i get good hard contact. Thank God i dont have any serious probalems with my rotation and kinetic chain. Thats something i credit to hard work at the gym, i sterss the power excercises very much ....cleans, squats, bench, and of course maintaining a good midsection to tie it all in. I do alot of other excercises but those power excercises where i move the weight hard and fast is what develops explosive power. Besides that id say that rotation is pretty natural for me, Rarely do i not get good rotation. BUt anyway id just want to say that im pleased that i worked through that tough period. I know that it sounds like im just repeating Jacks words but it wasnt always that simple.It took a lot of swings to relaly get it right, and to comprehend what Jack stresses on this site. GOod luck black hole. keep me posted on how your doing. THamks again Jack


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