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Solid Contact but no Reward

Posted by: Larry (larry@inamasuohana.com) on Thu Apr 12 21:03:21 2012

I'm writing about my son who has been playing baseball for many years now, he has gone through the ranks and has always excelled mostly due to his defense, he is a good hitter but definetley defense is his strong suit he is a catcher. Now that he is in college his defense is not called upon as such in high school and at the lower levels, what I mean is that not too much stealing, most teams sac bunt or hit and run to move base runners into scoring position. He almost always makes contact with the ball mostly grounders, then line drives, and then pop flys. He hardly ever strikes out or walks he sure does make contact but it always seems to go to the defense players. If he had 10 at bats he would strike out one time, walk once, hit twice, and the rest would be outs, again almost all are solid contact but just too the defensive players, I'm not saying right at them so they don't need to move but close enough that they make the out. I don't believe that he has an issue with seeing the ball but maybe more with his confidence as the results seem to be the same. He has moved towards the very front of the box to the very back, hugging the plate and away from the plate with the same results, he makes solid contact but just not getting the hits.

Anyone with any ideas on some drills or anything that he can work so he can improve on the ball getting through the defense. Thank you in advance.


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