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Re: Just not working...

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Sun Apr 15 23:49:16 2012

I feel your pain one year in american legion ball
I actually had a 220 avg . The next yr in HS I almost doubled that avg, And never knew why. I never was a consistent hitter.
I have a idea why I couldnt hit.But I cant be sure. Because I never recorded my at bats .Thats why my suggestion is to have some one record your at bats if you have a camcorder avabile to you .If you do I would start looking at simple postions in the swing . With the camcorder, you can slow the swing down .and might be able to pick up some mistakes you are making. The swing is so fast in real time its hard for some one elese to see what is going on with the naked eye .If you record your at bats and slow them down you probally will be able to see what you are really doing instead of just guessing
good luck best wishes


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