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Re: Re: long swing II

Posted by: OldBaseball Fan () on Mon Apr 23 19:14:52 2012

Ihave seen what your talking about many times a pitcher throwing his fast ball right past the batter where the batter cant hit his fastball.
Then the piter throws the batter a slider only to speed up the hitters bat and the batter hits a home run. The best example I can think of that is when Mark Wohlers was zipping his ioo mph fastball past Jim
layritz in the world series . Then threw layritz a 85 mph hanging slider that layritz crushed for a homer. my only thought was why? Thou one year Ron Guidry was about 25 and 3 I belive he only threw a fastball and slider so that combo worked for him very well .THe biggest thing with the slider is not to hang it. causes hanging sliders seem to get hit the hardest of all.and sometimes way over the wall


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