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Re: Re: Bat sizing

Posted by: Ryan () on Tue Oct 23 09:40:35 2007

> > I'm looking for a new bat for my son, he is 17 years old a junior in high school. He is 6'2" 165lbs. He is use to swinging a 33/30, but in my research from bat sizing charts that he should be using a 34" bat. Does anybody have input on this. I'm concern if I move him upto a 34" bat that he may lose bat speed. Please advise. Any recommendation on a good high school bat would also be appreciated.

Dont know why people are replying with brand name bats to use since thats not what you asked.

I am 5'9 and 160, and I find that your size (even if you are very thing) has alot to do with how the length of the bat gets around for you. That is, length of arms goes alot farther then sheer bulk. I would say for sure go to the longer bat.


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