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Re: Jack or Anyone HELP!!!!!

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Oct 23 11:38:43 2007

>>> My Daughter has been in fastpitch now for 5 years....she is now eleven. She helped her team to a fifth place finish last year in the 10U World Series and was one of the better line drive hitters in the division. She hit .521 for real 49-94 and only struck out 7 times.

Now for dilemma #1, she is small and she has been taught linear mechanics all her life and now with the 12" ball she can't seem to muster the power to hit it out of the infield. Her contact is fine...the bat drag is not.

I have bought both The Final Arc and the "other" guy's video and did some research of old major league swings and truly belive this is the way to go.

Problem #2 I am a coach and my daughter is one of the sweetest most coachable girls around, just not with me. She is not a smart alec, just really passive. After working with her on rotational hitting her bat speed went from 49 to 50 on average.

So to make a long story short, I need a rotational coach to help with my daughter. WE WILL TRAVEL, and pay too much for lessons.

any coaches Please reply.

Thanks Jim <<<

Hi Jim

I responded to your post in my reply to the e-mail you sent to me on the topic. I am placing a copy of my reply below as it provides background for a new thread I will be placing on the board soon.

Hi Jim

I read the post you placed on the Discussion Board as well. Since I cannot give your daughter personal lessons, maybe I can help persuade her that the rotational mechanics we present in “The Final Arc II” and “Swing Analysis DVD” are the mechanics used by the best fastpitch hitters.

To this e-mail, I added an attachment that shows Coach Candrea saying the best softball and baseball swings are the same. Also, here is a Batspeed.com clip - http://www.batspeed.com/media/CWS_Comparison.wmv - showing one of the best WCWS hitters side-by-side with a MCWS hitter. This frame-by-frame comparison shows that both hitters exhibit the batting principles found in the “Final Arc II.”

Very soon I will begin a thread on the Discussion Board that addresses a recent post - http://www.batspeed.com/messageboard/admin/?showpost=101037 - to the board. In that post, SMiller describes drills that promote linear batting principles. Below are excerpts from his post.

“Then step with the left foot (Positive Move), and when the hitter gets to heel lock, she will throw the back elbow at the inside of ball. (As coaches we have all said, “Throw your hands at the ball.” But we really want the hitter to throw her back elbow at the ball.) She should strike the inside portion of the softball with the bat.”

“The hitter will go through their negative and positive movements and then after heel lock they will lead the swing with their front elbow. This movement is very similar to throwing a frisbee. The hitter should strike the ball on the inside portion of the ball. If the hitter is hitting outside of the ball there is a good chance that they are leading with the front shoulder and not the elbow.”

Note: S. Miller’s drills are also promoted by the “RightViewPro” program.

The batting principles he promotes are very different from the “One Hand” and “Two Hand” drills we promote in “The Final Arc II” instructional DVD. I will show frame-by-frame clips of the best WCWS and MCWS hitters. Have your daughter study the clips and draw her own conclusions.

Best regards,

Jack Mankin



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