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Re: Re: Re: Thanks everyone.....but Melvin

Posted by: rql () on Tue Oct 23 15:41:27 2007

> > Jim wrote: WE WILL TRAVEL, and pay too much for lessons.
> >
> > Throwing money at the problem sounds like the exact right approach.
> AAAAgh Melvin,
> You are assuming my daughter doesn't work hard. She does most of this stuff on her own as I have said before she doesn't respond well to me.
> As far as the money thing goes well I wanted a bunch of coaches to reply. And with as much time as my daughter puts in I (no shame) would pay anything.
> Jim
> Panama City FL
> This...by far is the best website on the net
Jim I am in tampa and teach kids here,studied here for about 8-9 years I guess jack would confirm,I think seeing some clips on the web could be the quickest way to analyze your daughter and the cheapest for you at 1st,if you are coming this way for a tournament or something I could get a heads up and maybe meet with the 2 of you and show some drills and discuss some thoughts,most of the girls as they reach hs level are becoming pretty big to compete,not over weight big but big athletes,make sure her eyesight is good,and instill good form thru good drills so you are not defeating her hardwork with bad mechanics.


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