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Re: Re: Back foot...

Posted by: Andy (murcielago1414@hotmail.com) on Thu Oct 25 21:57:35 2007

> How high off the ground is it coming and are you still staying behind your front foot? If your back foot is coming off of the ground due to lunging forward it could be a problem. But if it is just lifting a little and sliding forward with a bent knee while you are still slightly tilted back and behind your front foot it is probably not a problem.

Well, now that you mention it, I look at some of my swing clips and see that my front leg isn't as stiff as in some of the better swings I've seen. So I think you are correct in noting that a bit of lunging may be occurring. This has been an ongoing problem that might just be solved... (for my size I should be hitting the ball with a bit more bbs than I am.)


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