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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: crowd the plate?

Posted by: bobbyt () on Tue Feb 25 10:28:42 2003

In theory if the rotational swing is performed correctly the batter should be able to crowd the plate and still hit the inside pitch and at the same time protect the outside of the plate. I was wondering what happens in reality. Does the young batter have a tendency to lean back or some how change his swing in a negative way. What has been the experience of you rotational coaches and where do think is that best batters box position for the rotational hitter. Is it different for fp or bb?
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> > > > Different hitters FEEL more comfortable closer to the plate. Mechanics has alot to do with where you stand in the box but more importantly is what I call the "FEAR FACTOR". The difference between fp and bb is just that - not too many girls feel comfortable close to the plate whereas a boy/jock will stand up close if you dare him and would gladly show off a bruise on his forearm as a badge of honor if he got hit showing how macho he is.
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> > > I have a hard time believing fear is the factor. Are you saying another 3 to 6 inches toward the plate makes them feel uncomfortable because they are afaid? If I'm afraid, I'm not within 3 feet of the pitch.
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> > > If they're afraid to crowd the plate, I'd have to believe they don't think they can hit from there.
> >
> > That's what I'm saying, they are afraid. Afraid of getting hit, afraid of getting jammed. 3 to 6 inches is a lot when you are only talking about 15 - 18 inches max.; 6 inches is 1/3 of the distance; that is significant. Another issue, if you stand 3 to 6 inches closer you are INVITING the pitcher to throw in and if you do not feel comfortable IN (because of mechanics - that is fear of being jammed) or fear of being hit or because the pitcher's gas is too much for you to handle then what is the logic for getting closer to the plate. Lastly, UP and IN are the hardest pitches to hit and in softball the pitchers throw UP and IN quite frequently as opposed to baseball where they throw down and OUT. In baseball I would stand closer to the plate to counteract the down and out curve, slider, change BUT in softball if you stand close be ready for the inside rise or screwball and with this TILTING mechanics and/or upswing, you have no chance to catch-up. Define fear as you may - fear of striking out or not catching up to the hi heat or getting jammed or getting hit (in softball not too much HBP); but fear or logic dictates whether you belly up to the plate or not. so BOBBY IN SOFTBALL HOW WOULD YOU APPROACH THE INSIDE PITCH,WHERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO BE IN THE BOX,DEEP OR CLOSE OR IN THE MIDDLE.

It depends. It depends on the hitters mechanics. It depends on HOW GOOD the pitcher is. It depends on what kind of batspeed the batter has and how hard the pitcher is throwing. Look at MLB hitters, Bonds is on the plate because his mechanics (hook) allow him to be - he wants and can handle the IN pitch. Sosa is off the plate - his mechanics (swing radius) is different from Bonds - he wants his hands more extended. My point was that most girls I'm around do not want the ball IN so consequently they are off the plate and thus need a wider swing radius. Where they stand in the box has something to do with their mechanics, I think.


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