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Re: stepping out of box

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Mon Oct 29 14:32:52 2007

> I am a coach of a little league minor division team. I have one player who was a very good hitter during coach pitch in the migets. Since moving up to minors he has been hit by a pitch three different times. He is now very timid in the batters box. How can i help him get over this.


This is a tough one. Once they get hit a couple of times they will get gun shy. Part of the problem is they are always getting told that it won't hurt that much and then when they get hit it does hurt that much.
One thing that I have found success with is getting him as far away from the plate as he can be and still be in the batters box, all the way to the back far corner. He should fell fairly safe there. Next tell him to swing at any pitch he thinks he can hit and hopefully he will have some success and start to get his confidence back.

Good luck,


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