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Re: What is the Best Video or Book teaching how to HIT

Posted by: popfisher () on Sat Mar 1 05:02:50 2003

what is the Best Video or Book teaching how to HIT. i suck at hitting, im a high school student... i play slowpitch softball, however i just can't hit. can anyone help?
> thx, chris


Get Jack's video and buy Ted Williams book: THE SCIENCE OF HITTING. STUDY both. Williams: "hips lead the way" and "keep your hands BACK as long as you can" are at the core of good rotational hitting. Remember too however that you MUST pick the ball up out of the pitchers hand and focus you eyes like you are trying to read something printed on it. Edgar Martinez paints numbers on balls and then sets the machine at 100 mph and tries to read the numbers. And most importantly never let anyone trample on your dreams. If you have the will to learn and the heart to practice you WILL hit!

GO get em!


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