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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Download here, Teacherman

Posted by: Dr. Tom Martens () on Sat Mar 1 16:06:31 2003

No one is hyping anything here but you, teacherman. I can almost picture you sitting there with your arms crossed and pouting about video swing clips, which you think you can see detailed information.

If you can see all of the things that Zig can with his system. Direct us to one of your swing clips and tell us the bat rotational speeds to the smallest degree, tell us the body's acceleration and deceleration, give us the posture positons, and body rotations and bends as defined by Zig's system. Also tell us exactly when the bat in your clip reaches maximum speed and identify, any power losses. Also, please tells us if any of those body segments are being loaded improperly, experiencing an unnecessary amount of force. If you can't quit your moaning and stop pouting. I too read the comments last month from you and your associates, and I would challenge Mr. O'Really to produce similar data from his research of thousands of swings. And to help those of us in the medical field assist athletes in staying healthy, which Skill Technologies has done for 12 years.

Phil Cheetham, founder of Skill Technologies is recognized as one of the founders of biomechanical analysis from his early days of work with Dr. Gideon Ariel at the US Olympic Training Center in the early 1980's. Skill's systems are use in many medical research centers to accurately identify joint stresses, postural deficiencies, and potential injuries due to gait, sports, or other physical activities.

I would much rather trust their 20 plus years of biomechanical analysis experience than anyone I have read so far on this board. At least when it comes to identifying what is happening in a sports movement and the positive and negative effects on performance.

I downloaded the viewer and there was a sample of a good sequence and a bad sequence. In the good sequence there are noticable differences with regards to bat and acceleration, posture positions. You don't see any clips until you install the software and open a swing, T-man.

If you have looked at any of the swings that are there, common sense will put a few questions in your head, ask those questions. You wouldn't know a perfect swing if you were hit by it. So look at the guy's swings and ask some questions. I'll help you get it started.

Zig, I noticed the good sequence appears to have a very short (time)loading phase or "wind up" (.075 seconds). Does this aid the athlete in making a good swing sequence. Her hips are rotating at 660 degrees per second. I have newer version of your software and the data range is much smaller than the ones I downloaded today. Can you explain some of the numbers for those of us that don't quite understand rotational hitting.

Thank you Zig for your work.

Thomas Martens, D.O.
Sports Medicine Specialist


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