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Re: Re: Re: Discussion Board in Toggle Mode

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Tue Mar 4 06:42:40 2003

> I trust you have received the swings I sent to you. They are examples of softball and baseball athletes. Each file contains several swings. The athletes have some positive and negative things in their swings. You may see things with your eyes that may be good, but in the overall swing, we find evidence of lost power, balance and muscle deficienies.
> Please review them and post your comments here or email them to me.
> I understand that a great debate has taken place in the last week. With many of us misinterpreting comments as personal attacks. I believe their are many opinions out there about what we perceive to happen during the swing. What we did not have until now is knowledge of what happens during the swing. I can accept the differences in teaching philosophies.
> It is not the intent of me or our program to discredit individuals who teach a certain way. Our interest is in helping to educate coaches and athletes so that each has a better understanding of biomechanics of the swing and the negative effects of some teaching. I do not want to debate credentials, experience or respond to insults with insults. I believe we can have a truly adult conversation and make significant progress in the world of baseball and softball. I look forward to a debate on the issues of the swing, not credentials or experience.
> None of my future posts will contain anything that might be misinterpreted as personal attacks or degrading of an individual instructor. Batspeed.com should interpret this email as an open apology for any misunderstandings of previous posts. I look forward to continued discussions about the swing and other aspects of baseball.
> Thank you,
> Zig Ziegler

Teacherman, we're looking forward to what you find.


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