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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Clips - hip & shoulder rotation

Posted by: daw (daw@bellevue-law.com) on Sun Nov 4 19:58:34 2007

> Thursday I got a call from a college level coach in Holland. He found my name here....followed it to my site.....found the phone number and called.
> His words, (paraphrased....I didn't record the conversation for an exact quote) were......."I thought you were a joke until I read your post about the "stretch" of the upper body against the lower body which leads to the "stretch and fire" launch. I had to try it. I immediately got an improved result both in distance and in quickness. Now I need your help to teach this to my players."
> Nice try daw. Keep diverting. That appears to be your level of expertise.

Whatever, "Teacherman". I didn't "divert" anything; I said your theory of "unwinding like a rubber band" is absurd and fundamentally ignorant, which was irritating to me only because it was accompanied by your usual self-important (and totally uncalled for) arrogance. And when you replied (in part) that anyone who disagreed with your theory didn't play at an "elite" level, I asked you to share the level of play you reached, at which time I'd gladly tell you the level I reached.

You didn't answer my question as to exactly what body tissue you say has the elastic properties of a rubber band, and you didn't answer my question as to what level of play you reached, and you can't challenge the scientific truth of human locomotion (that muscle contracts to pull bone). Instead you post the about some conversation you had with a "college level coach in Holland", who apparantly can find your site and email you, but can't find this site to post for himself and participate in the discussion. Who's diverting?



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