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Re: stepping out of box

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sun Nov 4 22:48:36 2007

> I am a coach of a little league minor division team. I have one player who was a very good hitter during coach pitch in the migets. Since moving up to minors he has been hit by a pitch three different times. He is now very timid in the batters box. How can i help him get over this.

Hi James,

I would suggest teaching the player how to react the proper way when a pitched ball is coming at him.

You might actually want to toss tennis balls at him as well as over the plate so that he can learn to recognize the difference earlier. When you toss the balls he should be anticipating the ball in the strike zone. Thus giving himself a more prepared feeling in the box that of course will eventually lead to confidence.

His focus should be anticipating a pitch in the strike zone if it is elsewhere his chances are slim.

Good luck.



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