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Re: how do u get out of a slump?

Posted by: Troy () on Fri Jun 16 00:07:41 2000

Well a was never in a bad slump but i found out that by doing a lot of swinging drills(LIKE take 3 bats, one heavier then ur game bat, one lighter then game bat, and ur gamebat(or similar weight) do 3 sets of 15-20 with each bat. do light, heavy, then game bat. swing hard and work on ur mechanics, i used the sound of the bat through the air if i did everthing good hear that swoosh helps generate faster batspeed) ALSO GO TO THE BATTING CAGES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE i noticed that before the drill i would take two or three times to hit maybe 9 out of 12 pitches, after the very FIRST time hit 10-12(at 70 mph) then went to improve on it 11-12 and even had some
12-12's too. also i m not talking about weak hits 7,8-12 were solid line drives or had a little arc. but i have yet to hit a homer or even a shot into the out field yet in my season, second game, but did have a couple of rips up the middle and a few(2) rbis. but my first game i had a hit but then the next 2 at's i struck out, because i was swinging too hard and messing with my muscule memory and trying to hit it too hard, but just watch the pitches usually its ur swinging at bad pitches instead of waiting for one to drive, also try some soft toss focusing in on ur mechanics, and u still cant figure it out tape rself and send it to jack, i ve heard he works wonders..
P.S. good luck and have fun!!!!


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