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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hands first then hips?

Posted by: Zig () on Tue Mar 18 22:46:03 2003

Doug, you are correct. Anyone can have the best technology, and not make a single impact in the athletes performance. It is not necessary for me to give you references at this point. If necessary, I will be glad to provide you with references. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone on this board. But if you are interested in what we can help you do for yourself or your athletes, it doesn't start with my athletes, it starts with yours. I'll come to you for free....if your athletes are perfect, It helps my database, if they are not, and we can do one or two things to make them better, we'll discuss how you can compensate me. It may be just a simple endorsement, and a little humble pie.

If your athletes are the best kudos to you as a coach or parent or whatever your role in sports. If they aren't then don't shoot the messenger...make your improvements. I have told many coaches the same thing... If your athletes are losing bat speed, have bad postures, can't hit the outside pitch or are weak on the inside pitch, it will show up in the data . But its not me or how much speed they lost that's the problem...it's the coaching they have received. Good luck Doug. If you are serious about knowing what your athletes are doing, call me and we can discuss it, but I will not be treated disrespectfully. So it must be an adult conversation. I hope you understand that request, as I am sure you have an idea of what kind of calls I have received. Let me know where you wan to go and what I can do to help


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