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Re: bat on shoulder?

Posted by: grc (grcrackel@yahoo.com) on Mon Jun 19 19:23:50 2000

What is their any advantage for high school age kids to hit with their bat on their shoulder? Why would a coach teach this? The bat stays on the shoulder and the swing starts from their. Is this a rec league thing? >>>you might refer to my posts june 10/june 13 (i regret that tom.guery didn't respond to the 6-13 post and i regret that jack didn't respond)....but my hunch is that a coach who teaches keeping the bat on shoulder has a variation of the torque technique as described at webball.com....i think you should go to webbball and read the piece...it's interesting and might have some merit....my initial disagreement with the technique is that at webball they say to rest the bat against the triceps ...i think the shoulder would be better......grc....


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