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Re: Re: Dudley Fusion Bat ?

Posted by: suz (suzheartsongs@aol.com) on Tue Jul 10 13:38:11 2012

> This is the best bat I have ever used and I've been playing softball for 16 years. The
only thing is it only lasted about three years before it shattered. A lot of that was
everyone also used this bat so I would recommend using your bat then putting it back
into you bag until it's time for you to hit again. I purchased my Dudley Fusion
Graphite/C405 softball/3 bat at Sportsmart four years ago but they no longer carry it (in
Sacramento). Does anyone know where I can purchase this bat,ie. online, catalog, or
store? Puhaps a website? I would appreciate it.

Still looking for this bat? I have one for sale.. 33" 23oz, No dents. Needs new grip tape.


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