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Re: Re: Re: BAT selection

Posted by: Jimmy () on Thu Nov 8 22:24:38 2007

> > > What is the key to bat selection?
> > > is a heavy bat better ? or light?
> > > Short or long? I always want to use the biggest one I have. My dad points out that Barry Bonds uses a short bat and does allright for himself. Any suggestions?

Hi Alex,

In my opinion if you want the maximum power along with control you should use the heaviest bat that you can control. If you use too light of a bat the bat speed alone will not meet your true power potential. As far as length goes the answer is almost the same. Find a length that is controllable but gives you maximum leverage.

Barry Bonds uses a 34 inch bat but chokes up about an inch or so on it. The weight of his bat is 34 oz. The reason hitters strength train is to be able to handle a large bat with batspeed and control.



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