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Re: Re: Fastpitch hitting -- Linear vs Rotational

Posted by: JTW (jtwelborn@triad.rr.com) on Fri Nov 9 23:29:58 2007

> It is sort of ironic seeing Arizona players as an example against 'linear' hitting, as coach Candrea uses the words "negative" and "positive" quite often when describing swing mechanics. Those words seem to be taboo on this site. I don't think any coach really tries to train athletes to move their hands in a straight line. It is elliptical if anything, neither pure linear nor pure circular.

Coach Jeb,

Regardless of what some contributors to this forum believe, Candrea does not teach linear swing mechanics. His emphasis on negative/positive movement applies to the preparation phase of the swing which takes place prior to the onset of rotation. N/P movement aids in balance, timing, loading, and weight transfer; all of which facilitate rotational hitting.

In our high school fastpitch program, we use Right View Pro analysis and many of Candrea’s techniques, terms and drills. We also use the very good information available on this site to understand more of the technical side of what happens in the swing. Both sources are useful and compatible. We have had way too much success hitting some of the best pitchers our state has to offer and winning championships to think otherwise.

Concerning hand path, you are correct. Hand path is elliptical unless absolutely no forearm extension occurs as the bat contacts the ball. A properly hit inside strike will involve little forearm extension causing hand path to be more circular and transfer more energy. A properly hit outside strike will involve more forearm extension with the hand path being a little less circular (but never linear), transferring a little less energy.

A linear hand path is reserved for the slapper, something totally alien to many of our baseball friends.



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