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Re: Re: Re: Re: out in front

Posted by: chuck malley (chuckmalley@hotmail.com) on Fri Apr 18 18:02:51 2003

Prozac is not the answer. I have a young lady that plays for me that does the same
thing. I tell she looks like a filly waiting to jump out of the starting gate. It is mental
as well as physical. Your body has to do what your mind tells it to do. Wait, wait, wait,
there it is swing! It is a timing issue and perhaps some timing drills would help. Try
soft-toss and very the speed and location of your pitches to help him find the ball
better. They want to hit so bad that they just can't keep their hands back. I bet the
hip rotation is late? What do you think?
> Robin
I think just the opposite about the hips. Late would be a grounder to the right side. I
think in classic baseball speak,"he's got a foot in the bucket" especially if it's a cue
ball squirting effect. SEE the ball hit the bat & FEEL your back/trailing shoulder
brush under your chin. The lob toss is an excellent way to slow things down and detect
if my assumption is the real problem...I think it is.


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