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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Rose -- Hands & Bat Trajectories

Posted by: THG () on Mon Nov 12 12:58:52 2007

> Jack,
> Your test would show pressure between the bat and fingers of the bottom hand even if the bottom hand were absolutely stationary. Much like the pressure at the fulcrum of a lever.
> I agree that the top hand drives the bat forward but this test does not prove that the hitter actually pulls rearward with BHT.
> Jimmy

Jack. With regard to the argument, I believe it is hard for those who oppose your theory to actully see it take place unless there was an extreme close up that focused on the hands and wrists.

And though your theory makes sense, it is just too difficult to see or confirm from the pictures we have seen. Also if your theory is to hold the merit you suggest, one would think the hitter would have to grip the bat very tightly in order to generate the torque you describe. And since a hitter like like a Hank Aaron, has a smooth approach, one could conclude his relaxed start would not contribute to the massive degree of torque that you describe at initiation.

But there are in my opinion some hitters who exhibit the tht/bht torque you describe as opposed to taking the hands back in unison. To name a few hitters would be Gary Sheffield, Travis Hafner, or any hitter that uses a bat wave to generate his approach. Most hitters good hitters take the hands back in unison especially those who use pre launch movements: Ortiz, Konerko.

Note that your Sosa side view shows him pulling the bow and bringing the hands back as opposed to Sheffield waving the bat down on initiation as your bat drill illustration shows.


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