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Re: Re: Re: Re: Front Leg

Posted by: Doug () on Sun Apr 20 14:41:50 2003

>>> It's called linear. Some can hit that way. Most cannot. <<<
> >
> > Hi Teacherman
> >
> > If by “linear” you mean "hands straight to the ball", please explain how he makes up for the loss of bat speed generated by the angular displacement of the hands (circular hand-path)?
> IMHO every hitter has a circular hand path. Everyone rotates therefore everyones hand path turns circular at some point. I believe the tightness of the circular hand path is the issue. If your hands go straight to the ball they eventually turn circular as you rotate. But the path is not very tight. If your hands never go straight to the ball they turn circular immediately. This latter example is a much tighter hand path and allows much more quickness.
> IMHO ARod is very linear and relies on his athletic gift to accomplish what he does. Less athletes cannot do what ARod does. And, it is my opinion, that ARod would have Bonds like numbers if he was rotational.

Teacherman, After 7 full years in the big leagues at age 26, A-Rods numbers are much better than Bonds after his first 7 full seasons. In fact, it is not even close: A-Rod .309 BA, 298 HR's, 255 2B's and 872 RBI. Bonds .270 BA, 166 Hr's 212 2B's and 556 RBI. Also, this year A-Rod became the youngest player in history to hit 300 Hr's. I have a good idea-----lets change A-Rods swing and approach.

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