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Re: Front Leg

Posted by: ray porco () on Mon Apr 21 15:10:12 2003

No name,

This is no longer a discussion of the "Front Leg", but neither is it a blah, blah, blah......regurgitation.

Your point:
"Your wrists are able to propell the bat. When you "throw your hands at the ball" and stop them the wrists will snap (whip) and continue to propell the bat with added velocity (because of the facts above, mainly, even linear hitters have circular hand paths). Think of slapping something. You throw your hand out in a circular path with your wrist dragging, stop you arm, and your wrist snaps around. Same thing happens when you snap a towel. Now think of holding a bat in your hand with your wrist tilted so the bat is level with the ground and pointing straight back. Then "slap" the ball. That is the whip."

is the exact point I was going to make with the "BHT" post above.

"Torque is the result of forces being applied to the bat from opposing directions that causes an object (the bat) to rotate about a point between the two hands."

Push - Pull? Yes. Of the wrists? Yes - Ulnar Flexion. Limited impact on the generation of bat speed, because the wrists are a comparably small muscle group? Yes, if they are left to themselves. Yes, if they gain no impetus from the torso and shoulders. Yes, if the "flail" portion of the swing does not contribute.

An experiment:

Go to your back yard with a fishing rod. Hold it in one hand with the upper arm parallel to the ground and the forearm vertical. DO NOT draw the arm back before casting. Simply cast as far as you can with ONLY forward movement.
Repeat starting position, but this time (keeping the upper arm still) draw back your forearm (load) and "flail" your forearm forward adding ulnar flexion (snap) of the wrist.

The wrists are small muscles, but when coupled with cocking, flailing, and torqueing can you discount them? Would you eliminate a naturally produced ulnar flexion of the wrist, simply because you think it adds nothing?

Please (and this certainly is not meant for you, no-name) do not think that I advocate thrusting the hands forward as in Jack's steering wheel knob experiment.

Gotta go. Will have more supportive info in next post.

ray porco


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