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Re: Re: batting

Posted by: () on Sat Jun 24 05:59:32 2000

I am a switch hitter (Natural right) I have two segment question: 1) When batting right handed, I hit the ball really hard, but the line drive goes directly to an infielder mostly to shortstop or third baseman. When I make adjustments I pop up the ball & I fly out. 2) I get more confused and do more adjustments, I end up hitting the ball at the bats end or (after more adjustments) the ball is hit near the bat handle. I know I am capable of hitting the ball I already have a home run for left side and several doubles form right but I want to consistent. Note: I practice a lot, my dad tosses up the baseballs & I hit them in the net. Everything looks correct in tossups it is in the field I get frustrated. Thanks

@ Zain, I think that your problem may be mental more then physical. When you practice thats the time you should be making the adjustments, try some tee work , and soft toss like you are doiing. BUt when it comes game time and your in the batters box, Its critical that you trust that your body will do the right thing. THat comes from practicing. An example would be, like when you practice you know how you try to feel your swing......well when you get in the box you shouldnt be worried about your swing.....you should have 100% concentration on the pitcher and then the ball. So that your body will just flow uncosciously. Find a technique that helps you get into that zone. What i do is as the pitcher starts to deliver the ball i look for arm speed


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