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Reverse "C" Finish

Posted by: Bird (Nervy4@hotmail.com) on Mon Jun 26 14:51:12 2000

I've read with interest the commentary on rotating around a stationary axis and the front/back hip actions. Would this not lead to the classic reverse "C" finish that was common 15 years ago in golf and has proved to be injurious to the spine, e.g. Seve B. and Norman. Not to take the golf analogy too far, although I've talked to several batting coaches including Jim Levebre who borrow significantly from the golf swing, but it seems to me the swing which allows
more weight to transfer to the front side rather than centered or back will be less stressful. Granted less stress might not equal more batspeed, but generally the most efficient mechanics are also the least stressful on the body.


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