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Re: Who to learn from?

Posted by: Hal () on Sat Apr 26 08:29:24 2003

I'll start out by saying that this is indeed a very good website, as was Nyman's site. Considering that neither Jack nor Nyman played the game, they have both added a great deal to the body of knowledge of hitting. The fact that a lot of their theories does not mesh with the real-world of hitting does not at all diminish their contribution, and for this I am grateful.
> Many of my students have wondered as to who they should listen to. One instructor says one thing, another says another.Here are some guidelines:
> 1) Consider the background of the instructor. Who has he taught in the past and how did he perform?
> 2) Can the student understand the reasoning of any and all theory behind the instructor's teachings? How well can the instructor articulate and demonstrate his theories and techniques?
> 3) Don't get caught up too much in abstract (or even imaginary) theoretical concepts. In the circles I travel in, there is no talk about "linear" and "rotationalism", much less THT and BHT. Hitting is complicated in some ways, yet simple in other ways.There is no "right" way or "wrong" way as long as you have the basic fundamentals. In the end, performance is what matters most.
> Keep up the excellent work, Jack!

Hey Coach, I can relate to what you said. For years my son was always in a league of his own but yet when he got to high school coaches wanted to start messing around with his and everyone else's swing. Each coach had his own idea of the perfect swing, and who were these coaches? Some of the same amateurs I had coached with and against in the youth leagues! He finally started smiling, pretending to do it their way , but in the games continued to do it his own way, and he went on to Cal State Fresno.They tried a little bit of the same thing. He would appear to be receptive but continued in the same ways that got him to Cal State Fresno. Now he is playing AA ball.By the way, he reorts to me that they don't talk about this linear and rotation stuff, and in fact when he mentioned some of the things I had relayed to him about this site and others, they laughed. They thought it was funny that someone serious about hitting might seek information from the internet. I don't think they should have laughed because it never hurts to hear different points of view, but on the other hand I can see their skepticism on notions that come from the internet and not from the real world.


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