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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: biomechanics of the baseball swing

Posted by: george stanley (saint_george13@yahoo.com) on Fri Nov 30 16:08:55 2007

> > Yes, I have that information from a biomechanics research project for my M.S.P.E at Ohio University.
> >
> > > > > Does anyone know where I could find out the exact muscles used during a baseball swing? I am doing a project for Kinesiology and I need specific information on it. Thanks.
> I too am doing a kinesiology project on the biomechanics of the baseball swing, where can i find information on this? Thank you.

hello, mr. anderson!
i have bad news for you... you would be better off trying to identify the muscles you do NOT use when you swing a bat at a baseball...
the more muscles you use, the more power generated.. virtually every muscle group is utilized to some extent... you should keep your head still, so neck & trapezius muscles are not used much. but other than that, you should be flexing from neck to toe... good luck with that!!


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