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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Circular Hand Path

Posted by: Mike (reyg121@yahoo.com) on Fri Dec 7 12:30:44 2007

> ""it depends on the count, the type of pitch, the location, what you are trying to do (move the runner from 2B, or hit a sac fly to score the man from 3B)""
> Good hitters do not try to hit fly balls with a runner at 3rd and less than two outs. They still try to hit line drives from gap to gap.
> Hitters hit plenty of fly balls when trying to hit line drives so why would we tell them to try to be under the ball even more.
> Hitters that try to hit a sac fly usually either strike out, pop up to the infield, or hit a weak ground ball back to the pitcher.
> The only difference a hitter should probably take is looking for a pitch a little more up in the strike zone.

> Jimmy

Look you cannot go up to the plate with an approach like um lets put my ground ball swing on or lets put my line drive swing on. It doesn't work that way. If your going to move the runner over to third than fine go ahead hit a ground ball but I hate the approach of wasting at bats. Why not try to smoke a ball up the middle and make the shortstop move to his left and you still can get a hit. That being said besides that situation I don't care how many outs your only approach should be I'm trying to hit something hard thats it. This game is already hard enough if you smoke a ball and the guy catches it you did your job. With rotational mechanics that they teach here on this site the even the ball down will be driven with some power. You can't take a pitch just because it's down. I'm not a fan of ground ball unless you have a very fast runner (under6.5 60 time) I think ever ball just be in the air. All ground ball produce are errors singles and double plays. I'd say every major leaguer is trying to drive something in the air because the game is based upon hrs and rbi's. You can't get those hitting weak ground balls.


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