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Re: Re: Re: bonds homer against the cubs

Posted by: rql () on Sat May 3 05:04:28 2003

in that game last night against the cubs where he hit 2 homers. how in gods name did he hit that 2nd homer that ball was so inside and he still got the barrel of the bat on the ball, without a doubt he is the best ever!
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> > It's called rotation and pulling the bottom hand by means of shoulder rotation. I didn't see it, but I would also guess that it was coupled with a little pulling of the hands toward the body to shorten the radius of rotation. To see this in action, go to a batting cage and as close as possible to the plate to make the pitch look inside as possible. Then try to hit the ball up the middle. To do this there can only be rotation and pulling of the hands in like Bonds. You can't push the bat around using the top hand.
> What you described is "inside-outing" the ball. I don't necessairily agree with your analysis...there is often poor interpretation of a swing even when the "analyst" has actually seen the swing....but at least we can define the alleged technique he used.

.Don't forget posture difference between the 1st and 2nd homeruns,two different locations 2 different swing programs to attack it.The hooking handpath and staying inside the ball in a rotational sense is what kept it fair.


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