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Re: Re: Baseball vs Softball

Posted by: Joe A. (Mgtsupport@AOL.com) on Sun Jul 2 17:21:55 2000

>>>One of the first statements on your site declares that there is no difference between a swing used in baseball and the one used in softball.
> In light of the fact that many knowledgeable softball people beleive there is a difference, I think you should give the logic behind your statement and address some of the issues raised by these people.
> Issues such as, the "rise ball," which does not exist in baseball, requires a downward stroke and the shorter reaction time<<<
> Hi Joe
> I agree the "rise ball" and the "need for a downward stroke" needs an in-depth discussion. First, it would be helpful to have clarity on a few points.
> Do many of the knowledgeable softball people believe the softball pitcher releases the ball from a lower point than does a "submarine type" baseball pitcher?
> Why are there not a lot more "submarine type" baseball pitchers?
> Do many of the knowledgeable softball people believe a softball hitter swinging down at the ball with weight shift and extension mechanics gets the bat-head to the ball quicker than does a baseball hitter using rotational mechanics (top-hand-torque and a circular hand-path)?
> How long would you say a bat being swung downward is in the path of a knee high pitch (softball or baseball)? Say even a mid-thigh pitch?
> I hope this discussion will be enlightening to as all.
> Jack Mankin


I am not sure you intended to answer my questions or just add to the discussion. But, you didn't answer my questions.

First of all, I agree with you that the baseball and softball swings should use the same mechanics. I am just pointing out some of the reasons that softball people insist that they are not the same and would like to hear your response.

I like your point that the bat is not on what I would call a "hitting plane" for a very long time with a down ward stoke.

Have you done any researsh on how long your stroke would take compared to a shorter downward stroke?

By the way in a book called "Keep Your Eyes On The Ball" scientist suggest that it is impossible to throw a baseball or a softball that rises. Softball people don't execpt this science. They say they have "seen" it. What do you think?

Any way, I would still like to read your specific reasosn for your comment about the swings being the same.



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