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Re: My 1 cent worth(Pressure)

Posted by: mb () on Wed May 7 10:05:27 2003

I have read through some of the posts and the problems posed by coaches and parents. I've been coaching youth sports now some years now and have an 11 year daughter in fastpitch softball. She's genetically blessed as far as sports go. I wanted her to be a (great) hitter so 2 years ago I began taking her to a batting trainer. She fairly quickly learned the proper mechanics of a rotational swing but produced very little that year. We continued going last year and at training as well as off the tee she would just crush the ball but at bats weren't effective. I quit taking her last summer and let it drop. Since LL practice has begun I have said little to nothing to her about her batting because she has retained the mechanics she was taught.I'm starting to see better results. Her first game this year she was 1 for 2, but it was a 2 RBI triple to the center field fence!My point! Pressure! I believe I was putting so much pressure on her to hit she couldn't focus for worrying about striking out. I feel we sometimes expect and demand so much from our youth that they can't get in that zone, be productive, and have fun doing it.

I think you nailed it. The mechanical work should be done in practice to develop the muscle memory. Once the game starts clear the mind of the mechanics focus on the ball and hit it. Here is an example from last nights little league (I have seen it happen over and over). The relief pitcher for the opposing team was cruising though 2 innings.
He got the first out in the bottom of the 6th. Facing the bottom of the order it looked like the other team had no chance. We have small 10 yr old at the plate down 2 runs. The opposing coach tells his pitcher to just lob it in. The poor kid complies and can't throw a strike soft or fast. He mentally froze, let up and lost the game. I believe if the coaches had just left him alone he would have won.


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