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Re: Re: How to get faster batspeed

Posted by: Yohan (lgtwins23@yahoo.com) on Tue Oct 2 00:12:25 2012

I play baseball also, and what I've been experiencing through different batting styles and most of people will say "quick hands" but you must remind yourself one thing: hip rotation. I say this because it is the most part of the body (core, glutes, legs) and compare that to your hands: there is no comparison. You have to use big muscles to deliver big hits in big way.

One another thing most people will tell you is "fully extended at the Point of Contact" which is completely false. If you look slow-mo from various players around the world, their arms are not extended at point of contact just like Ted Williams said "hip leads hands." If your arm is completely extended, you will lose a lot of power because you will lose ability to drive the ball (or go through the ball) and you can't apply any kind of torque to increase the bat speed. Try to hit center or just below center of the ball and match the incoming pitch to increase the distance.

High fly ball may look good in some cases but you would rather have screaming line drive towards LC, C, or RC to get more extra base-hits including HRs.

Lastly, it is all about timing. If your timing is off, pitcher wins. Good luck and practice hard. (Work your big muscles)


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