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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Pitching vs Hitting Mechanics cont.

Posted by: Dave P () on Thu Dec 20 00:47:54 2007


Your demo is not even close to relative since you assume that forward momentum is the catalyst for speed in a pitch. If you would draw your lines through the head of the pitcher after his weight has shifted to his front foot you would see that there is VERY LITTLE HEAD MOVEMENT AND THE BODY IS ROTATING AROUND A STILL AXIS OF THE SPINE PRIOR TO EXTENSION OF THE ARM TOWARD THE PLATE JUST BEFORE RELEASE. The axis of the spine is in a different plane then that of a hitter but the principals are sure simular to what you talk about in hitting.

There are very simular mistakes made in pitching mechanics that create the same problems in hitting mechanics. The lead shoulder flying open leads to the hands flying away from the body in hitting and in pitching the throwing arm to fly away from the body and creates side arm spinning. From the top view the two motions look almost identical.

All motions rely on the same biomechancial principals that are related to scientifical absolutes which do not change.

Dave P


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