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Softball vs Baseball Swing

Posted by: Joe A. (Mgtsupport@AOL.com) on Tue Jul 4 06:29:13 2000


I am not sure if you intended to answer my questions or just add to the discussion, but, you didn't answer my questions.

First of all, I agree with you that the baseball and softball swings are the same. But, I am dealing with people using the idea that they are different to introduce mechanics that are different from what I am teaching. I am asking for you to address those issues that "seem" logical and give weight to those who beleive the swings are different.

I like your point about the time the bat is in the "hitting zone" on a down ward stroke. I have always beleived that a longer, flatter swing gives you more opportunity to hit the ball. Is this your point?

Have you dont any research on how long a downward swing compared to the longer flatter swing?

By the way, in a book called "Keep Your Eye On The Ball" scientiest report on research that says a ball that rises (curves up) is impossive to throw. If you want to hear more about it I can tell you what they think people see but its kind of involved and I won't do it if you don't want to hear it.

I would still like to read your specific resasons for the swings being the same.

Joe A.


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