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Re: Tim Timmons

Posted by: Jack Mankin (Mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Jul 4 18:23:27 2000

Hi Alan

Sorry for the late reply. I had really planned to spend the holidays behind the keyboard. But, the lure of clear running water over moss covered rocks and the anticipation of what might lay in the next calm eddy just overpowered me.

Alan, I'm not familiar Tim Timmons material but from your description of his work, it would seem our batting principles have a lot in common. It would be interesting to discuss his reasons for #4 & 5 (4. Bat resting on right arm not shoulder in horizontal position. 5. No wrapping of bat ). Especially, how would the batter develop bat speed on outside pitches?

I would find a conflict with #3 (3. Emphasizing wrist snap...top hand pushes bottom hand pulls.). --- Wrist snap and torque mechanics are mutually exclusive. --- If the swing is initiated with the correct torque forces, the progression (angular displacement ) of the bat-head will be such that the wrist are flexed very little. The wrist are flexed, thus the need to be un-flex later, when the hands are accelerated forward without a corresponding angular displacement of the bat-head. With good rotational mechanics the wrist remain fairly straight during the swing.

>>> Also might daughter plays 16 U and goes to the team coach. He teaches to keep the FRONT shoulder closed as long as possible to prevent from pulling the ball. I'm certain he would have a fit if he saw the front shoulder opening prior to bat contact as much as you suggest. Any comments?<<<

Alan, I'm afraid if your daughter starts exhibiting rotational mechanics she will meet a lot of resistance from her coaches. This is especially true with girls softball coaches. I have often wondered which would trouble them the most --- Watching the girl perform a good rotational swing - or- having the batter stand in the box and light up a good cigar?

>>> BTW I have about 6000 users on the FPF. Could exposure for your if you care to drop by and discuss your mechanics. http://compchat.com:8080/~1<<<

I visited your site and was very impressed (great job). I would be honored to participate in any of your discussions --- let me know when.

Jack Mankin


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