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Posted by: Kyle harrington (Harrington@bilcogroup.com) on Fri Oct 12 20:43:18 2012

Jack....your hitting philosophy is right on except I would phrase some things about THT
a little differently. Since the swing works from the ground up, I would argue that the
"sudden, very quick" inward turn of the shoulders with then the hips and torso moving in
the opposite direction, greates the "THT", not the intentional pulling back of the top
hand. The motion of THT can't be "premeditated" . I would argue that its a result of the
linkage from legs to hips to shoulders to arms that accelerate the bat rearward. Sergio
Garcia's swing a is a great example of this. The club (bat) is moving rearward on the
take-away and while the club (bat) is STILL moving rearward the hips are opening. As
long as the distance of the hands (or knob of the bat) does not get closer to the spine
(axis) the bat will accelerate rearward before going forward. In my opinion, THT should
not be taught as an independent motion, because it can never be independent and is a
"result" of many other actions starting from the ground up.

Please let me know what u think as you are my foremost authority... Kyle


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