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Re: Re: Hands below shoulder

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Tue Jan 1 13:49:09 2008


The way I stand in the batters box has very little effect on my swing. What matters is how my body prepares to handle the force that I am going to apply to the bat. When I jump in the box nothing is happening, now as I prepare to launch the barrel rearward my body will prepare itself to handle the momentum that I will create.



You are way off base here. I could almost gaurantee you that I have done more research about hitting then you. Have you ever stood in the box and faced a MLB quality fastball? I say no. You say they miss a belt high FB but you don't understand what you're saying, a belt high FB in little league is just that a belt high FB, but a belt high FB in the MLB is much different, an MLB FB is not straight it moves in, out and down but is very seldom just straight.

You said we never dispute the facts that you mention but I have. You say start your hands high and back, this does not make sense based on the laws of Physics and Logic. If my hands are high then I will becoming down on the ball with absolutely no early batspeed and how do I drive a ball that I am hitting down on, my timing will have to be perfect, this makes no sense. If my hands are as far back as comfortable, I'll create bat drag which will make me late and give me less of a chance to square the bat to the ball.

George there is no such thing as the perfect swing, there is only the adjustment you make to the pitch you get. Your discription of your swing gives you no chance to adjust on the fly.

I am a Mike Epstein Instructor and I truly believe that he has the best drills for teaching the proper mechanics and I also believe that Jack has some very good stuff as well. I don't live in a box and I have trialed and error just like everyone else and I am telling you that your description of a good swing will only work at the lower levels and will handicap kids when they get older because they will have to overcome many burned in bad habits.

I got to go, so I will comment on some of your other claims later.



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