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Re: Re: Re: knob of bat towards catcher

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Sat Jan 5 22:36:29 2008

> > > When getting in the launch position, how much should the bat knob be pointing towards the catcher? How much is enough?
> >
> > John. 45 degrees.
> I've read on here before or another message board about the 45 and 45 (45 degees vertical and 45 degrees horizontal). I'm a big proponant on th 45 degree vertical because it puts you in the proper swing plane(i.e. like Jack talkes about in his video). I've stopped teaching the 45 horizontal because most of my kids start wrapping the bat around their head. I thought that teaching the inward turn gave enough of the cocking of the hands without really focusing on the hands so much.


Not behing the head, see if they can get the bat outside the helmet in front. Like Bonds. Strength and age can cause this to be a problem but IMO it should still be taught.



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