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Posted by: george stanley (saint_george13@yahoo.com) on Sun Jan 6 07:43:29 2008

> > > Honestly George,
> > >
> > > Why are you so jealous of MLB players? It is obvious that resentment and jealousy is pouring out of your fingers into these posts.
> > >
> > > Were you not able to play beyond high school or college because you feel you got screwed or something?
> > >
> > > Now have to try to prove how horrible MLB hitters are?...Sad.
> > >
> > > And give me a break about hiding your hands for safety. Please...
> > >
> > > Haven't you ever heard of moving out of the way, or rolling your front shoulder in further to take the pitch off your back?
> > >
> > > Seriously, please stop bashing MLB hitters for your insecure reasons and try to have fun with this game. It is a game remember? Its a pretty fun game to watch if you let yourself see it and stop picking it apart.
> > >
> > > Jimmy
> >
> > blah blah blah. argue with the specifics of what i say... love rattling everyone's cage...
> > the bottom line is .. MLB BA . 2 6 0
> >
> > embrace dissent.. encourage change.. innovation.. thinking outside the box... LEARNING THE LAWS OF LOGIC & PHYSICS.
> >
> > ##
> > jimmy my boy!
> > i had superior ability as a pitcher as a 19 yo.. but i sustained a broken elbow which precluded me from going further.. however, looking back, i did not receive the necessary coaching which might have helped me make it had i not been injured...
> > only about 7 years ago did i return to watching MLB on a regular basis.. i was appalled to see what is going on with hitters today.. i looked at them with a pitcher's eye, & they are so easy.. i began to
> > analyze what i saw, & what i see makes little or no sense... the great majority of the hitters are implementing stances & buggywhip swings which are conducive to hitting HR's but sacrifice BA & clutch hitting..this because of the big money involved.. this is unfortunately not a game anymore so much as it is BIG business..
> > i began to spend more & more time watching the white sox & cubs & other games as i could.. that is when i became frustrated bu the idiocy i observed.. i then began to contruct by own batting theory..
> > my mindset was given to me by dr meg urry, the head of the astrophysics dept at yale u. it was to construct my theory much like she constructs her astrophysics theories... to observe the nature of the events FIRST, & then construct my theory in accordance with the events as they occurred.. ONLY THEN WILL YOUR THEORY BE SOUND..
> > EXAMPLE: i observed that guys with open stances like craig counsell & jason kendall never hit the ball in the seats, S0..you should eliminate an open stance if you wish to hit HR's..THEN i figured out WHY they never hit HR.. it is because they do not utilize any lower body energy to genereate torque..THEY ARE ALL ARMS & SHOULDERS..so you must use your lower body to generate torque.. & so on..
> > this is where the coaching is sorely lacking... in the fundamental observations that certain stances & certain motions are not productive to optimum batspeed. my theory is a lot more in tune with
> > reality than others on this site simply because my theory is backed by the events as they actually occur.
> >
> > don't hide your hands from the ball.. then think of me when you or someone you see breaks their hands & loses their season because they do not have a closed stance with their hands up & back where they belong... PLEASE.. YOU MAKE LIGHT OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF COACHING ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU... DON'T GET HURT!! DON'T BE RUNNING INTO WALLS OR INTO THE STANDS OR INTO ANOTER FIELDER ON YOUR TEAM, TRADING ONE OUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR SEASON.. that is a bad trade.. aaron rowand does not do you any good when he misses 100 games in exchange for one out.. unless the it's the last out of the 7th game in the world series..your teammates might think you are a great guy cuz you got hurt for the team.. but when they look out there for 100 games in CF & you're not there, that is where it really hurts.
> > DON'T DO SOME STUPID HEROIC MOVE THAT GETS YOU HURT!! INSTEAD. PULL UP & DON'T COLLIDE WITH YOUR TEAMMATE BEHIND 2B & LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!!! be smart. protect your hands.. where are you without your hands?!?! in the stands watching. figure it out.
> > "please" is a very ignorant reaction.. tell your coach you said please... see what he says..
> > the players with open stances are the ones who are most vulnerable to
> > getting hit, as they are turned at the pitcher... when you are turned toward the pitcher with your hands out in front of you, it is very difficult to turn back toward the catcher & protect yourself.. otherwise more & more hitters would not be getting whacked on the hands, right?
> > this game you talk about , where the lowest paid player makes as much as the leader of the free world,(who can push the button & turn us all into dust) & on average the players make at least 8 (EIGHT)times more than the president?? that game? you want me to lay off bashing those morons with millions who are stealing money every day, & when they play bad or dog it out there, they turn around & tell the general manager "listen i didn't play so well last week, & i don't think i earned my pay... so here's a $100K payback for my poor play" .. that GAME?!?
> Georege,
> Here we go again, in statistical research george you don't base your opinion open stances on 2 hitters. There are many hitters that hit with an open stance that are great hitters. Do your research and I wouldn't have to base you. Another things is the same hitters that have a hitch and all the pre pitch movement you hate all have results. Watch chipper jones he starts in a good athlete tic position steps in the bucket and has a whole lot of pre pitch movement while the ball is coming to him. Thats just one hitter but they all do it. How do you explain this George you say the game doesn't care about avg anymore how come you have hitters hitting 280 and above 35 40 plus 100 plus. These guys are great hitters. You never played the game george you have no experience at a high level to even give an opinion on pro athletes. An average major leaguer was a star college athlete. Watch some more video frame by frame video and you will see these hitters are good because what they do not because who they are. They are there because there mechanics torture the baseball.


here is the hole in your rebuttal: you ignore what i say about open stances... the logic is the guys who are in the extreme position are
proof positive tha open stance sabotages your ability to generate maximum batspeed & ALSO IS PROOF POSITIVE WHICH REFUTES YOUR CLAIM THAT THE STANCE HAS NO INFLUENCE ON PERFORMANCE!!! HELLO ?!?!?!?
those 2 guys are the poster children for sabotaging themselves in the extreme..
THEREFORE: anyone who implements the same style to SOME extent, sabotages themselves to SOME extent... from chipper jones on down, ANYONE WHO HAS AN OPEN STANCE IS SABOTAGING THEMSELVES TO SOME EXTENT, & WILL IMPROVE THEMSELVES IF THEY ELIMINATED AN OPEN STANCE & CLOSED UP.. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.. but we'll never know because they are too dumb to figure it out & make that change.

your "whatever-these-guys-are-doing-up-there-at-the-plate-MUST-be-right-because-here-are-their-numbers-blah-blah-blah-&-there's-no-way-they-can-improve-&-who-the-hell-are-you-to-dare-&-citicize-these-gods-who-walk-among-us-mere-mortals-&-honor-us-with-their-presence-every-day-they-walk-on-this-planet-&-you're-making-me-very-angry-by-even-suggesting-these-guys-are-no-different-than-anyone-else-&-could-stand-to-make-some-changes-which-might-make-them-a-little-better...you're crazy!!!" rant is more of the same monkey-see-monkey-do mentality i see on this website, & shows no original insight into the reality of the situation, which is:
every person on this planet no matter what their name or how big their paycheck can do something in their professional endeavor which will iimprove them to some extent..INCLUDING MLB PLAYERS!!!


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