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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hiding the hands

Posted by: Bob (rvgjeg@verizon.net) on Sun Jan 6 14:04:11 2008

Hi Jack

It is very hard to stand there and make adjustments to a pitched
ball.I Have watched your final arc and the analysis dvd many times
and i have seen John Elliot use several styles.In all of his swings
he uses mechanical movements to get to the ball.You and i and thousands of other coaches were coaching long before all of these
mechanics,were put on film to analize.It took hours of sweat and
hard work to make the hitters productive.It is so much easier to
turn slightly down and in with my front shoulder to load as i reach
with my front toe this movement automatically puts my hands near
my back shoulder.Naturaly each hitter may develope their own version
of this movement.Keep it simple if the hitter has some athletic
ability they they will be more productive.You have a good web sight
Jack and i enjoy all of the coaches comments.Too bad we didn't get
to coach together.




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