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Re: stiff front leg

Posted by: Donny Buster (donnybstr@aol.com) on Wed Jun 11 04:44:16 2003

> He sounds like he is not staying back. His front foot , head , and hands are probably going forward together.
THere is another separation in the swing besides the shoulder and hips. The front foot should move on its'own in the stride leaving the head, shoulders and hands back for an instant. Striding with no weight transfer require balance onto the rear leg over a bent back knee.
This would also explain why he is rolling. He is chasing out front for the ball, his hips are not turning because his weight is outside his front thigh so the only way he can advance the bat is rolling the wrist. A secondary bat acceleration can occur with wrist roll but it is very weak.

My solution. Hit the ball deeper on the plate , between the feet more. Work more to opposite field thus swinging later. Practice striding with no weight transfer. No forward motion after front foot touch down.


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