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Re: Help!, I can't apply my practice swing to an actual game!

Posted by: James (Jhool2@aol.com) on Sat Jul 8 18:50:34 2000

I am 15 y/o playing JV ball and have been practicing my drills in accordance with the hitting for excellence course, I make the perfect L and I pull my hands back and I hit the ball well...in practice with the T and dry swings, my problem comes during game time. I tend to change my stance to a more crouched, coiled up stance and I can't even tell that I am doing it till I see it in video. The results are a weak swing, delayed hitting, pop ups, you name it all except the perfect line drive than I am seeking. My question is, what drill or drills can I do to transfer my practice stance to game situation stance. I am tired of not hitting and not knowing how to fix it. Thanks in advance,
> Romeo
@ Well first off, your on the right track....hitting off the tee... I also have the hitting for excellence course, and it has some great practical knowledge. But as far as batspeed is concerned It didnt teach me that much. I think it was made more for the younger hitter, in farm league. I think that Dave Hudgens purposely left out the technical know how that you will find on this site and Setpro.com. I think he did that because he knew that the majority of younger hitters would not be able to handle the major league swing. (Top hand torque Etc.) so he kept it simple and taught the very basics. Dont get me wrong, i learned some from his program but not like i have learned from this site. IN the past year i have been trying to transform my swing and i am finally seeing the fruits of my labor. The best possible thing you can do is get a tee and try to produce the best bat speed possible. Also learn as much as possible, even more important.....learn how to apply it. When you hit off your tee you should be concentrating on the movement that helps you produce the fastest bat speed. For me it was the top hand torque movement taught on this site that really helped me break through. The tee allows you to put 100% concentration on the movement without having to worry about the ball. After you know what you have to do ....its all mental from their on in. What I do is forget about the rest of my body and the ball....and all i concentrate on is top hand torque. The rest of my body just does what its supposed to unconsciously. YOu just have to trust. So find that break through tool that helps you swing fast and then focus on it. As you develop good habits they should become natural. BUT I CANT STRESS IT ENOUGH... TO TRUST YOURSELF WHEN YOU GET INTO THE BATTERS BOX. THe batters box is a whole nother world, seperate from your tee practice. On the tee you are concentrating on your body, BUT in the batters box you have to be concentrating on the PITCHER AND THEN THE BALL.....FOR THE ENTIRE TIME. You cant think about your body at all, and wether or not your doing the perfect L or anytring else. Let it all go....its kinda like an out of body experience. YOur eyes see it and your body automatically reacts without you knowing it. I say you have to concentrate on the pitcher because as he strides to deliver the ball parts of your swing are already being initiated, and youll never be able to CONTROL that consciously. The thing is that much of your swing will already have been programmed before the pitchers release as long as you just trust yourself. When you pick up the ball it should really just be a confirmation for your body that you are in a good postion to hit that pitch. An example of this is in Daves program....IN the book Dave stresses hand movement and seperation before the pitch....but he doesnt elaborate on it. Well i can tell you right now that that seperation is the top hand torque being initiated. And that it is done unconsciouly, prior to the release of the ball.It plays such a key role in batspeed production and alot of it happens before the pitch is even out of the pitchers hand. Its SO important that you practice the right techniques off your tee and then when the game comes that you focus, and forget your body from the second the pitcher moves a muscle. Just let it flow. Also dont worry about your stance ....i have seen videos of my swing in the game and they make me laugh because many of my body mannurisms are different in my practice swings. Sometimes in game swings i actually have a high knee cock and sometimes i hardly stride. Its funny cause its like my bodies natural EBB and FLOW. It does what it wants because i let it all happen unconsciously. You know what.... the end product is all the same ...batspeed and contact. Just gotta let it happen. Good luck


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